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Belbroughton and Fairfield Parish Council 

Cllr. Nick Carter

Picture of Councillor Allan Hood

Cllr. Rachel Knight

Alan Mabbett - Fairfield Ward

Vice Chairman of the Council and Chairman of Finance Committee -

01527 871103

(please replace (at) with @ - spam protection) 26 Yew Tree Lane Fairfield B61 9LT

Picture of Councillor Alan Mabbett

Parish Councillors

Allan Hood - Belbroughton Ward

01562 885256
Chairman Agric Holdings Committee.  Finance Committee.  Rep on Wildmoor Residents Association.  a.t.hood(at)
(please replace (at) with @ - spam protection) 22 Middlefield Lane Hagley DY9 0PX

Ruth Mullett:

Acting Clerk & Responsible Finance Officer

for the Parish Council


Barb Allington - Belbroughton Ward   07817 768353

Planning Committee


(please replace(at) with @ - spam protection) 18 Woodgate Way Belbroughton DY9 9TL

Sue Pawley - Belbroughton Ward

Chairman of Planning Committee

01562 730996     suepawley(at)
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59 High St. Belbroughton DY9 9ST

Cllr. Syd Danks

Cllr. Allan Hood.

Cllr. Sue Pawley

Cllr. Alan Mabbett

Rachel Knight - Belbroughton Ward

​07545 212112

Rachel Knight(at)

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Cllr. Stuart Clarke

Mary Gibbs - Fairfield Ward


(please replace (at) with @ spam

protection) 108 Stourbridge Road, Fairfield, Bromsgrove B61 9NQ

Susan Wilkes - Fairfield Ward


(please replace (at) with @ spam protection) 144 Stourbridge Road, 

Fairfield, Bromsgrove B61 9NQ

Stuart Clarke - Fairfield Ward


(please replace (at) with @ spam protection) 110 Stourbridge Road,

Fairfield, Bromsgrove B61 9NQ

Nick Carter - Belbroughton Ward


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Cllr. Simon Nock

Syd Danks - Fairfield Ward

0121 453 8061

Planning Committee


(please replace (at) with @ -spam protection) The Blacksmiths Shop Top Rd. Wildmoor B61 0RB

Picture of Councillor Sue Pawley

Simon Nock - Belbroughton Ward

Chairman of the Council and on the Finance & Agric Holdings Committees

01384 575684    


(please replace (at) with @ - spam protection)  Church Cottage Bradford Lane Belbroughton DY9 9TF

Picture of Councillor Simon Nock