​​​​​​​Members of the public are welcome to attend both our Council and Committee meetings. Please click the separate links for the matters listed to be considered at each meeting :

Full Council:

Agenda 03rd June 2024

​​Planning Committee

Planning Committee - 20th November 2023

Finance Commitee

Finance Committee Agenda January 2024

Previous Council Meeting Agendas

Agenda 03rd June 2024

Agenda 8th January 2024

Agenda 4th December 2023

Agenda 6th November 2023

Agenda 2nd October 2023

Extra-Ordinary Agenda 18th September 2023

Agenda 4th September 2023

Agenda 3rd July 2023

Agenda 26th June 2023

Agenda 15th May 2023

Agenda 3rd April 2023

Agenda 6th March 2023

Agenda 6th February 2023

Agenda 9th January 2023

Agenda 5th December 2022

Agenda 7th November 2022

Agenda 3rd October 2022

Agenda 5th September 2022

Agenda 27th July 2022

Agenda 4th July 2022 this meeting was cancelled

Agenda 6th June 2022

Agenda 9th May 2022

Agenda 4th April 2022 this meeting was cancelled

Agenda 7th February 2022

Agenda 10th January 2022

Agenda 6th December 2021

Council - Agenda 1st Nov 2021

Council Agenda 4th October 2021

Council Agenda 13th September 

Council Agenda 5th July 2021

Council Agenda 7th June 2021

Council Agenda 4th May 2021

Council Agenda 12th April 2021

Council Agenda 1st March 2021

Council Agenda 1st Feb 2021

Council Agenda 4th January 2021

Council Agenda 7th Dec 2020 

Council Agenda 2nd Nov 2020 

Council Agenda 5th October 2020

Agenda 7th Sept 2020

Agenda 13th July 2020 Extraord meet

Council Agenda 6th July 2020.

Council Agenda 1st June 2020.

Council Agenda 4th May 2020.

Council Agenda 6th April 2020.

30th March 2020 Extraord meet.

March 2nd 2020 .

Feb 3rd 2020 

Jan 6th 2020.

Dec 2nd 2019 .

Nov 4th 2019.

October 7th 2019.

September 2nd 2019 .

August 5th 2019.

July 1st 2019.

June 3rd 2019.

Annual 13th May 2019.

April 1st 2019.

March 4th 2019.

Feb 4th 2019.

Jan 7th 2019 .

Dec 3rd 2018.

Nov 5th 2018.

Oct 1st 2018.

Sept 3rd 2018.

July 2nd 2018.

June 4th 2018.

Annual 14th May 2018.

April 9th 2018.

March 5th 2018.

Feb5th 2018.

Jan 8th 2018.

Previous Planning Committees

Planning Committee - 20th November 2023

Planning Committee - 17th July 2023

Planning Committee - 19th June 2023

Planning Committee - 22nd May 2023

Planning Committee - 17th April 2023

Planning Committee - 20th March 2023

Planning Committee - 20th February 2023

Planning Committee - 16th January 2023

Planning Committee - 12th December 2022

Planning Committee - 22nd November 2022

Planning Committee - 17th October 2022

Planning Committee - 27th September 2022

July Planning Committee has been cancelled

Planning Committee Agenda - 16th May 2022

Planning Committee Agenda - 25th April 2022

Planning Committee Agenda - 21st March 2022

Planning Committee Agenda - 21st February 2022

Planning Committee Agenda - 25th January 2022

Planning Committee Agenda - 13th December 21

Planning Committee Agenda - 15th November 21

Planning Committee Agenda - 18th October 2021

Planning Committee Agenda - 20th September 21

Planning Committee Agenda - 19th July 21

Planning Committee Agenda - 21st June 21

agenda 26th April 2021

agenda 15th March 2021

agenda 15th Feb 2021.

agenda 18th January 2021

agenda 14th Dec 2020.

agenda 16th Nov 2020.

agenda 19th Oct 2020.

agenda 21st Sept 2020.

agenda 20th July 2020.

agenda 15th June 2020.

agenda 18th May 2020.

Planning agenda 20th April 2020.

March cancelled

agenda 17th February 2020.

agenda 20th January 2020.

agenda 9th December 2019.

agenda 18th November 2019.

agenda 21st Oct 2019.

agenda 16th Sept 2019.

agenda 15th July 2019.

agenda 17th June 2019.

agenda 20th May 2019.

agenda 15th April 2019.

agenda 18th March 2019.

Feb 2019 no meeting

agenda 21 Jan 2019.pdf

agenda 10th Dec 2018.pdf

Planning 19th Nov 2018.pdf

agenda 15th Oct 2018.pdf

agenda 17th Sept. 2018.pdf

agenda 16th July 2018.pdf

agenda 18th june 2018.pdf

agenda 21st May 2018.pdf

agenda 16 April 2018.pdf

agenda 19 March 2018.pdf

agenda 19 Feb 2018.pdf

agenda 15 January 2018.pdf

Previous Finance Committees

Finance Committee Agenda January 2024

Finance Committee Agenda November 23

Finance Committee Agenda October 2023

Finance Committee Agenda July 23

Finance Committee Agenda June 23

Finance Committee Agenda May 23

April Finance Committee has been cancelled

Finance Committee Agenda March 2023

Finance Committee Agenda February 2023

Finance Committee Agenda January 2023

Finance Committee Agenda November 22

Finance Committee Agenda October 22

Finance Committee Agenda September 22

Finance Committee Agenda July 22

Finance Committee Agenda May 22

Finance Committee Agenda April 22

Finance Committee Agenda March 2022

Finance Committee Agenda February 2022

Finance Committee Agenda January 2022

Finance Agenda - December 21

Finance Agenda - November 21

October Meeting Cancelled

Finance Agenda - September 21

Finance Agenda - July 21

Finance Agenda - June 21

Finance Agenda - May 21

finance agenda 26th April 2021

finance agenda 15th March 2021

finance agenda 15th February 2021

agenda 18th January 2021

finance agenda 14th Dec. 2020

finance agenda 16th November 2020

finance agenda 19th October 2020.pdf

finance agenda 21st Sept 2020.pdf

finance agenda 20th July 2020.pdf

finance agenda 15th June 2020.pdf

finance agenda 18th May 2020.pdf

Finance agenda 20th April 2020.pdf

March meeting cancelled.

finance agenda 17 Feb 2020.pdf

finance agenda 20th Jan 2020.pdf

finance agenda 9th December 2019.pdf

finance agenda 18th November 2019.pdf

finance agenda 21st October 2019.pdf

finance agenda 16th Sept 2019.pdf

finance agenda 15th July 2019.pdf

finance agenda 17th June 2019.pdf

finance agenda 20 May 2019.pdf

finance agenda 15th April 2019.pdf

finance agenda 18th March 2019.pdf

finance agenda 18th February 2019.pdf

finance agenda 21st Jan 2019.pdf

finance agenda 10th December 2018.pdf

finance agenda 19th Nov2018.pdf

finance agenda 15th Oct 2018.pdf

finance agenda 17 Sept 2018.pdf

Finance agenda 16th July 2018.pdf

finance agenda 18th June 2018.pdf

finance agenda 21st May 2018.pdf

finance agenda 16 April 2018.pdf

finance agenda 19th March 2018.pdf

finance agenda 19th Feb 2018.pdf

finance agenda 15th Jan 2018.pdf

Agricultural Holdings Committees

Ag agenda 2nd Sept 2019.pdf

Agric Holds 5th Nov. 2018.pdf


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