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Belbroughton was at the core of the North Worcestershire scythe-making district. Many of the mills of the area were formerly blade mills used for sharpening them, after a scythesmith had forged them from iron, with a thin strip of steel along the cutting edge. From the late 18th century until about 1870, the Waldron family of Field House Clentwere the leading manufacturers. They were succeeded by Isaac Nash, whose business finally closed in about 1970. Scythes were formerly not just made in Belbroughton, but also several adjacent parishes,including ChaddesleyCorbett.  See info on the Conservation area:Conservation Area Appraisal Plan and visit theBelbroughton History Society 

Picture of a scythe
Old Picture of Belbroughton
Scythemakers Cottages wall name plate
Picture of boulder dropped by the welsh ice sheet in the glacial period
Picture of Scythe making machinery