Belbroughton and Fairfield Parish Council
For the villages & rural areas of Belbroughton and Fairfield in the Bromsgrove District of the County of Worcestershire.

Your Parish Council earns income from its owned capital assets: 85 acres of farmland, the Fairfield Recreation Ground, the Parish Room Belbroughton and cash investments.  This income is made available for Capital Grants and Minor Grants to assist parish bodies and groups.  The income is also used to fund Council  'Parish Projects' to improve your area.

Therefore each year applications are invited for funds.     Please see the links for the grant criteria and application forms.

BPC Grants Policy 2017.pdf

Capital Grant app form 2017.pdf

minor grant app form 2017.pdf

For the District Council Grants - see:

Bromsgrove District Council - Grants.pdf