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For the villages & rural areas of Belbroughton and Fairfield in the Bromsgrove District of the County of Worcestershire.

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Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984
(C2062 Dordale Road, Bournheath)(Temporary Closure) Order 2017

Proposed Order: to close that part of C2062 Dordale Road, Bournheath from its junction with U20009 Parish Hill to its junction with U20218 Waystone Lane in order to facilitate drainage works.
Exemptions: to permit access to any land or premises fronting the highway affected where there is no other form of access; and to allow the works to be undertaken.
Alternative route: C2062 Bradford Lane, C2062 Church Road, B4188 High Street, B4188 Hartle Road, A491 Stourbridge Road, B4091 Stourbridge Road, C2062 Rocky Lane, C2062 Doctors Lane and vice versa.
 Anticipated duration: 19 days (within a 3 week period). Commencing: 29 May 2017.
Simon Mallinson Head of Legal and Democratic Services County Hall Spetchley Road

The Local Transport Plan 4.

Please open this link relating to the County Council's  latest consultation document and processes for responses.

 Please read about 'Traffic in the Parish'    in the spring 2016 Newsletter  via Newsletterslink

Speed limit reductions. Following pressure from both your Parish Council and your County Cllrs. the County Council has implemented two speed limit reductions. 

1. Hartle Lane Belbroughton from the junction of the A491 until the village a reduction from 50 mph. to 40 mph.  -   It is relatively narrow and has frequent bends which reduce forward visibility.

2. Top Road and Middle Road Wildmoor  - introduction of a 30 mph limit -  Top Road has the requisite level of frontage development, is narrow, has parked vehicles in places and the absence of a continuous footway means that pedestrians ('vulnerable road users') are required to walk in the carriageway. Wildmoor Lane is narrower still and also lacks footways.

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M5 disruption updates see  M5 Roadworks