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The Parish Council is considering facilitating a Neighbourhood Plan for the Parish Area.   It has held a number of open meetings.

The revised National Planning Policy Framework has now been issued See this link for our comments and proposed actions:

Planning Policy Framework 2018.pdf

See also:  Bromsgrove Local Plan Update.pdf

Archive Material

BDC - District Plan Review Issues and Options Consultation.pdf

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26th March Meeting

 NHP Facebook Page.pdf

26th February Agenda.pdf

NHP Mission Statement.pdf

Following the Parish Survey of Summer 2017 it held a public meeting  22nd January 2018 at The Bell Belbroughton which agreed to move set up a ‘Steering Group’ which is to determine whether or not a Neighbourhood Plan should be developed and to deliver a report on its decision to the Parish Council and the community.

Why the Meeting.pdf

Agenda 22 January 2018.pdf 

22nd January 2018 Meeting.pdf

For Info on the process see  My-Community-Roadmap-Worksheets-PR.pdf      NP-Roadmap-Pages-web.pdf

The Parish Council has asked the Bromsgrove District Council to designate the parish area boundaries as the area that would be covered by a Neighbourhood Plan should such be progressed.

see the acknowledgement Belbroughton and Fairfield designation letter 18.01.18.pdf