Belbroughton and Fairfield Parish Council
For the Worcestershire villages of Belbroughton and Fairfield

If you would like to contact the council please use the following details:
Mr John Farrell, â€‹Clerk to Belbroughton and Fairfield Parish Council.

e mail:
Tel:01299 270722

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The Parish Council serves the villages/wards of Belbroughton and Fairfield in North East Worcestershire with 8 and 6 councillors respectively. The villages, although now largely rural, were once the centre for Scythe making in the case of Belbroughton and nail making in the case of Fairfield.

Local Speed limit Reductions please see:  Traffic Matters

Over recent days there have been a number of actual and attempted burglaries in the parish area notable in and around Bell Heath.  The police advise that the incidents appear to be linked and perpetrated by individuals 'watching' premises to gauge when they are vacant if only for a couple of hours.
We would urge residents to be vigilant and report suspicious behaviour to the police.

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The next Council meeting

Monday  3rd October.

is being held at Fairfield First School 7.30pm


Veolia The Parish Council formally

objected to the application at its Council

meeting 4th July. The letter attached

letter has been sent to the Senior Planner

at W.C.C. Please click on this link:

 BF PC Letter of Objection.pdf         

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