Belbroughton and Fairfield Parish Council
For the villages & rural areas of Belbroughton and Fairfield in the Bromsgrove District of the County of Worcestershire.


Community Needs and Aspirations for the Future

Why a Survey ?   (The formal Survey period has now closed but the Council is always happy to hear residents views - thus please continue to contact us with issues / ideas for the parish area).

The Belbroughton and Fairfield Parish Council would like to know your opinions about our parish area and community.  This includes finding out how you think it should develop over the coming years.  The findings of the survey will help us shape and influence the decisions that are made for the benefit of this community.
Please find some time to think and reflect on what you consider to be important. Your views will contribute to decisions that are made about the community on your behalf.

This link will summarise the concept  N H Plan Outline.pdf
Download the survey here  Parish Opinion Survey.docx    and please return it by 10th June either by: 
* email to the Parish Clerk
* Dropping into one of our two new Parish letterboxes.  One is located on the wall of

 ‘The Deli’ on Hartle Lane Belbroughton, the other is outside the Post Office in

Stourbridge Road  Fairfield.   or
* Handing to a councillor.

Why a Neighbourhood Plan – should we have one?
In addition to discovering your thoughts about our parish area we hope that the survey response will give some idea of whether there is interest and demand for producing a neighbourhood plan.  At present, the Parish Council has no formal policy on development in our community.
Neighbourhood planning would look at spatial development issues and would primarily be about the use of and development of land and buildings. The neighbourhood planning process is a way of your vision and aims being incorporated into local planning policies. It should be understood that producing a plan is complex, requires much time, and cost and most importantly has to have input from members of the community not just from councillors.
Please read this link for further information.

Road map for NHPs.pdf

What next?
The Parish Council will summarise and make available the survey outcomes. It will discuss and communicate how the findings may influence future decisions. If your comments indicate that a neighbourhood planning exercise should be considered and there is sufficient interest shown in developing a plan, then the Parish Council may be able to promote the formation of a steering group to take the process forward. There would be open meetings to call for volunteers to help turn your views into a Neighbourhood Plan.

Any questions?   Please talk to your councillors and check out the links above.

A reminder please complete the questionnaire by 10th June
Many thanks
Cllr. Bob Morgan
Working Group lead